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Memorial Lutheran Church

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Education Ministry

  The mission of the Education Ministry is to address the Christian educational needs of the entire congregation, including both youth and adult populations.  The committee offers educational opportunities throughout the year through the Sunday School program.  It recruits teachers and encourages them to find inspiration in both prayer and Bible study and encourages them to use these techniques in the classroom.  The committee chooses curricula that address those priorities the church sees as important in its mission, which will include multiple Adult Education experiences to accommodate the needs of as many congregation members as possible.  It emphasizes the need to read, study, and grow in understanding the Bible with the goal of discerning God's will for the lives of the congregation individually and as a whole.  The committee assists in emphasizing the priority of prayer in the life of the congregation both through the development of specific prayer groups and its informal use.  The committee oversees the Nurturing Program for welcoming new children into our church through use of the birth board, baptism boxes, and follow-up gifts after baptism to encourage a life steeped in Christ.  

Gail Spencer