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Memorial Lutheran Church

3215 Douglas Rd.

 Toledo , Ohio 43606

Phone 419-472-2161

Evangelism Ministry

Mark Pym


The mission of the Evangelism Ministry is to provide outreach to the community in furtherance of the Great Commission of Christ.  The committee oversees the visitor ministry in its follow-up with visitors to make them feel welcome and to answer any questions.  It distributes welcome materials for both children and adults.  It follows up with inactive members to reengage them in the community of Christ and the work at  Memorial.  The committee coordinates the weekly update of the church sign to deliver the message to the community.  Personal evangelism is emphasized by the use of bulletins, newsletters, and events at church.  The committee engages new members by way of activities, groups and events to ensure the connections of these members in the body of Christ at Memorial.  The annual new member luncheon is coordinated with the Connections Ministry.