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Missions Ministry


Shawn Wilt

The mission of the Missions Ministry is to engage the congregation to participate in mission work locally, nationally, and globally. Regular collections of items will be coordinated to be distributed to the community via partner organizations. Local mission trips or events will be coordinated with a minimum goal of twice a year. The annual Thanksgiving and Christmas meal projects to be delivered to community members will be coordinated. The ministry will coordinate and work with the rapid response network to organize emergency response opportunities in the community to provide immediate relief. It will also coordinate the Helping Hands Ministry to provide meals to members during a time or crisis or need. The ministry will coordinate the Help Around the Home Ministry to assist members who need help in performing tasks around the home based on need or condition. The ministry shall attempt yearly to coordinate national mission trips to assist people across the country in response to an immediate need following a disaster or more general area needs. An international mission trip will be coordinated at least every other year.