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Pastor Craig Encourages you to read this weeks passage

The devotion I originally wrote for today had to do with the Baptism of our Lord Sunday; BUT yesterday in worship we focused on the Epiphany of Jesus. In “light” of this, I want to encourage you today to re-read Matthew 2:1-12, the original Epiphany story.

Since we focused on Jesus being the “light” of the world and of our lives, I hope that you will take a few moments today to think about what it means that you are to reflect Jesus’ light and love in and through your life today. As you do this, please commit to at least one action today that shows to another person that Jesus is the light of your life.

Then pray for God to keep your light shining through all your words and actions, so that someone else’s life sees the beautiful light and love of Jesus and experiences it in their heart and soul today.

In Jesus’ light,