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Who We Are

Memorial is a faith community that is excited about you!  We are so happy that you are on our website, interested in finding out more about the ministry here.  We strive to live in God’s love, sharing that care and concern for each other and you!  Our vision is that we can be the bridge to God’s love in our neighborhood and beyond! 

We are a midsized, Lutheran congregation with both traditional and contemporary views and practices.  We, as ELCA Lutherans, are liturgical in worship (we follow an order in worship), offering blended services that are both traditional and contemporary.  We believe that the Bible is the living word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit and through the Spirit, who gives us hope, grace, and guidance for our lives.  We adhere to the Creeds which celebrate the Triune God (Apostles, Nicene, Athanasian), our doctrines come from Luther’s Catechism and the Augsburg Confession.  We have 4 core values (our DNA) and 3 Aspirational values which are listed below…

Our Mission

We cherish, engage and serve all in celebration of God’s love

Bridging God’s love to the community 2023 is the year of “Love”:  “All you need is Love”


Core Values

  • 1

    Local Mission

    We value caring for the needs of our community.

  • 2

    Cherished Relationships

    We value friends that bring us closer.

  • 3

    Responsible Generosity

    We value faithfully sharing our gifts to help ministry thrive.

  • 4

    Diverse Worship

    We value Scripturally based experiences that engage all people.

Aspirational Values

  • 5

    Invitational Evangelism

    We aspire to reach out and engage new members.

  • 6

    Embracing Innovation

    We aspire to use creative methods in our ministry.

  • 7

    Vibrant Ministries

    We aspire to create more opportunities for developing enthusiasm in all age groups.

We aspire to create more opportunities for developing enthusiasm in all age groups.

There is a post-pandemic Culture Shift in society and in all churches and we are trying to establish a new norm within our congregation. While there is a strong pull to remain static and accept the changes that have limited relationship which society has made, we chose not to just go with the flow. We continue to have a heart motivated to connect with our God and with each other that extends into our community and world offering hope and wholeness. We desire to continue to grow the kingdom of God and gather together for worship, connection and service.

With the calling of an Associate Pastor in Youth and Family Ministries we are vowing to be Youth and children focused, offering ways for a younger population to have focused ministry to learn about God, have fun, and reach out to those in need. Some of the activities we offer are: “Breakfast with Jesus”, “Sunday School” for all ages, teen and kid groups, VBS, egg hunts, trunk or treat, Lenten fair, Christmas pageant ,confirmation, 1st communion classes to name a few.
We wish to become equipped to handle our lives, moving into a deeper relationship with God, and learning to share by offering Adult Education on Sundays and during the week, and on weekends. We are ever changing class topics, venues, and styles of classes. During the year we meet at Patron Saints, our own classrooms, and people’s homes. We hope that this creates a feeling of welcome for a diverse community. We believe that all are important, those who are here and those who are not. No one is a stranger; everyone is a member of God’s family and precious in His sight. We are reconciled in Christ, interracially engaging, and embracing of different cultures.
The main event of our week is our Sunday Services. We are currently offering one service to bond closely with the family and friends that we have missed. We hope as we worship together, that we grow together in unity. We offer a contemplative prayer service on Wednesday mornings as well as seasonal evening services. We have Adult and Children’s Choirs and bell groups. Our services are live- streamed and on YouTube.

It is important to us to focus on all generations and leave no one forgotten. We have pastoral care chaplains for visitation and people who faithfully serve on the prayer chain. We have ministries that focus on certain ages groups as well as intergenerational ministry.
Throughout our history we have held a missional priority and donate to and work with many non-profit organizations throughout the city, state, nation and world. We have a quilting group that sends hundreds of quilts to missions, travel on mission trips, work with Habit for Humanity, as well as fostering many in-house outreach opportunities.