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Sunday School

  • Breakfast with Jesus—sharing a lite breakfast and a game or craft at 8:45 am, Sunday Morning in our Apostle’s Hall.
  • We have graded classes for children Pre-kindergarten to High School and Adult Sunday School at 9am. For security, we staff two teachers in a classroom at all times. Children learn Bible Stories, Sing, do crafts, play games. We specifically have our 1-3 grades learn about the Fruits of the Spirit, our 4-6th grades learn about Christ’s 12 Disciples, our Junior High learn The Ten Commandments, and everyone learns the books of the Bible and the names of the 12 disciples.
  • Rally Day—We start with a big Rally in September (2nd week) and run through Mother’s Day in May.
  • We have two interactive craft Days and 2 learning events: the Lent and the Advent Fairs.
  • Our Adults have 6- week sessions on a variety of topics and lessons with different teachers and styles on Sundays in our Mary Martha Lounge.

Memorial Lutheran YouTube Channel (for Live and previous recordings)
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